Secretary General

Ahmet BAÇ
General Secretary

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Phone: 0 266 3121517- 10


  • To attend Assembly and Executive      Board meetings provided that he refrains from voting,
  • To follow and finalize the      decisions taken by various bodies and to ensure their timely fulfilment,
  • To arrange and sign machinery      registration certificates,       certificates of capacity and analysis, ATR/EUR 1 movement      certificates,
  • To offer suggestions to the      Executive Board for the hiring, promotion, rewarding or dismissal of      Chamber staff,
  • To monitor the Chamber staff’s      work performance; brief & instruct the staff members
  • To submit the obligatory      expenses to the approval of the Executive Board and duly inform the board      on the expenses on a weekly basis
  • To prepare a rough draft of the      Chamber’s internal directives and submit it to the Executive Board, 
  • To use the delegated powers      authorised by the Executive Board,
  • To carry out duties assigned by      the Assembly, The Executive Board or the Chairman of the Executive Board,
  • To conduct communication &      media operations
  • To record the clients’ claims,      expectations and complaints,
  • To file a nonconforming product      report for any inconsistencies that may occur during the operations,
  • To manage and organize      administrative affairs and internal operations of the Chamber,
  • To gather all necessary information      & documentation and draw up the certificates to be issued by the      Chamber
  • To make all necessary      preparations that will constitute the basis for the agendas of the      Executive Board, Assembly and Professional Committee meetings; to ensure timely distribution of the      invitiations and agenda to the Chamber members, to issue the minutes of      the meetings, to keep a record of the decision summaries and ensure that      they are duly signed, to track & file meeting attendance sheets, to      store the official minutes books, the decision summaries and the      electronic recording of the meetings      
  • To carry out operations and      perform required tasks for the elections
  • To make out Tender Invoices, Healthcare      Invoices, documents of Market Price, Commercial and Industrial Good Sampling      Qualifications, Arbitration, Expert reports, documents that verify the      registration & credentials of the signatories mentioned in warranties      and letters of undertaking, Certificates of Allocation & Expenditure,      Certificates of Origin, Force Majeure Certificates, Documents of      commercial and industrial nature, Aval Endorsement, Quality Conformity Certificate,      Certificate of Approval for Sample Qualifications, Domestic Goods Certificate, Commerce      Registration Copy, Member ID’s, Maximum Demand Tariff, Documents submitted      as per written inquiries about the Chamber members’ records provided they      are of non-confidential nature and not presumed as Certificate of Good      Standing, Documents for Price Forecasting and Estimated Costs, Commercial      Usage Certificates, copies of Turkish Trade Registry Gazette
  • To carry out Export and Import      procedures and duly sign the paper work
  • To prepare and duly sign      necessary documentation showing turnover rates, sweep rates and rates of      yield
  • To carry out proceedings      pertaining to the Right to Information Act.