Nilgün ARSLAN

 Accounting Officer

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 Phone: 0266 3121517- 11


  • To assess and collect annual and additional membership fees regulated in accordance with the law no. 5174
  • To check and gather records of the average daily balance from the relevant banks, to prepare reports showing all bank accounts, to make the cash flow projections, to carry out repo & deposit account transactions, to conduct bank reconciliations at the end of each month
  • To prepare monthly balance sheets, financial statements and year-end balance sheets, to submit the said sheets to the approval of the Secretary General and the Executive Board of Directors, and to bind & archive the balance sheets and statements following their approval in accordance with the accounting regulations
  • To ensure preparation, organization and archiving of property and inventory records
  • To prepare income-expense budget proposals and submit them to Secretariat General, to monitor budgetary practices, to provide justification for budget allocations to the Executive Board via the Secretary General.
  • To follow up the Chamber’s expenses in compliance with the Chamber’s instructions given by the Chamber Management and to ensure timely payment of all dues.
  • To make all due payments pertaining to taxes, charges, insurance, fees et cetera on behalf of the Chamber
  • To conduct all purchasing activities
  • To number each page of the General Ledger and the daybook and ensure that they are notarized.
  • To prepare employee payrolls, premiums and overtime rolls and effect all accrued payments